Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How to Dress Your Man So That He Doesn't Look Like Such a Hobo!

Most men have their individual preferences when it comes to dressing up, but if you want to lend a hand, check out fashion tips on how to dress your man so that he doesn’t look like such a hobo. If your 20-something guy has so many tight-fitting clothes, t-shirts and sweaters with small holes in them, and outdated jeans, it’s high time you coax him to do some shopping. Your guy should invest on the 'the classics' or wardrobe essentials that will ensure that he has something suitable to wear for every need and occasion. Must-have items include white shirts and good-fitting denims, to classic-cut polo shirts and ties, to a blazer and a pair or two of khaki pants. Hoodies, tees and jeans that sufficed in college won’t do anymore, especially as your man crosses over to the working world.

Gift your guy with wardrobe essentials like a casual striped polo and plain dress shirt. Let your guy’s individuality can shine through. There are lots of fashion tips online advising how to dress your man so that he doesn’t look like such a hobo, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Once he has the basics, you can accompany him in buying suitable footwear like a pair of leather loafers and black shoes. Quality shoes that your guy will feel comfortable wearing may take a bit of searching. Dark colored loafers can be paired with dark slacks, and your guy shouldn’t forget wearing socks suited to the type of shoes and occasion.

For casual daywear, some cool finds for your guy are white pinstriped shorts that can be paired with white perforated sneakers or moccasins, and sleek separates like a cashmere sweater, tees and regular fit pants.  For the outdoor-loving guy, hiking boots that’s tough yet stylish can be a good buy. Certain brands have a classic outdoorsy look, a slouchy cool appeal, and some  outerwear have raw edges that can appeal to men with active lifestyles. He may also love receiving gifts like gunmetal dog tag necklace, aviator sunglasses, a nice watch, or other cool accessories. If you know how to dress your man so that he doesn’t look like such a hobo, and he follows your suggestions, you can bet that he’d capture other people’s attention and possibly go places.

For those instances when he is called for interviews, or he has corporate presentations to make, or if he’s been invited to formal event, quality suits will be a great addition to his wardrobe. Not all job interviews tend to be formal, though, not necessitating that your guy wear a suit. A suit is more appropriate for formal professions like banking and law.  Your guy should carefully select the colors of his wardrobe choices, depending on where he’s headed. Learning how to dress your man so that he doesn’t look like a hobo also entails selecting the right color palette; neutral colors like dark blue, white, brown, and black are suitable for work wear, while a jolt of bright color and military greens, coordinated with white, gray, or brown pants, may be suited for weekend wear.

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